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Be online... put your business online to promote your specials... be on the net for the community and the world to see. A special advertising campaign set up tailored to your needs. Have banners made with a link to a page describing your business with specials and hours, or a link to your storefront.

Opportunities: Be on any page that you find matches your target market. Better yet, have visibility on all pages and show your local support to the families that visit

Demographics: The demographics of our users are households in the age range of 25-45 with children (of course). Our demographics have a wide reach. Children visit as well as parents. Over 10,000 pageviews a month.

Rates and Specifications: Our advertising and sponsorship campaigns can run any where in length from 6 months to a year or forever. All banner advertisements are made inhouse. Rates are determined per campaign and tailored to each business.


Who is is the source for active families and kids. It was designed in October of 1999 for the major reasons in providing families with choices in nurturing their child's innate desire to play. Inspired by sports and the important role an active lifestyle has on young lives is here to inform visitors on the who, what, where of organized activities and athletic programs developed specifically for kids. A "go-to" resource for families looking to explore options available for kids. An online destination for families exploring the endless possibilities of an active, healthy lifestyle. Go kids!

Top 3 reasons to advertise or sponsor a page on ...
(the one and only niche-specific community driven site in the Bay Area). is an information source on the web that attracts the audience you want to sell to: a relationship with keeps you connected with the families in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The most affordable source of advertising on the Net, worth every dollar. has viewers of all ages with incredible buying power. They see your ad and they see you sponsoring a page or (the site) and they will retain the brand and most likely connect your business to The everyday user will make purchases at your store, at your restaurant, or at your business and return time and time again. Co-branding and increased revenue for you.

And of course, has a wide variety of sports and activities to (specifically) reach and target multiple audiences for diverse branding opportunities. On top of it, it is the most affordable advertising that is visible 24/7. When you are at rest, viewers are retaining your brand. is the source for active kids.

If you received a letter explaining our advertising campaign and online promotions please get in touch. You will have
online visibility that the families of San Francisco will remember for a lifetime!

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Be supportive and connected to the San Francisco community.

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