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As a physical education teacher and coach for the past 25 years, my most treasured reward is seeing children work with one another to reach their goals. After receiving my degree in P.E. from the University of Oregon (B.S. ’83), I set out to share my passion for games and physical activity and I never looked back.

My teaching experience began in Eugene and was followed by an opportunity at Portland’s Catlin Gabel School where I taught kids from pre-school through high school the joys of play, exercise and sports. The experiences as a teacher and coach galvanized my mission: emphasize the importance of uncompromising "sportspersonship" and never let up.

I take pride in teaching children the joys of an active routine. I’ve witnessed how the fun and the dynamic interaction of games engages kids and fosters a life-long desire to stay active. Socialization, cooperation, play, and the simple stimulation from the unfolding action go a long way in forming a healthy lifestyle.

In 1988, I accepted the position as the P.E. Department Coordinator at the San Francisco Day School where I’ve been fortunate to see our program grow from a basic P.E curriculum to a full-range, "one of a kind" curriculum with full inclusion of all children, a school with state of the art facilities, and 20 teams available for kids wanting to participate in the athletic program. Our P.E. program as well as the athletic program has flourished beyond my wildest expectations. Today, my pride is on the children and an abiding support from the community to ensure that every child has an equal chance to pursue his or her "right" activity. I want kids to feel good about joining the fun!

Sfgokids.com is a natural progression of my personal mission. I recieved my Masters Degree from the University of San Francisco (M.A. '01) in the Sports and Fitness Management program where developing sfgokids.com has become a reality. I want all kids--- their parents, included--- to be able to gain easy access to the spectrum of activities available throughout the region. My goal is to create the go-to resource for families everywhere.

Visit often. The site is evolving . . . and growing! The first launch in October 99 consisted of an entirely different design that currently exists today. The categories have changed due to an interest of specific youth activities. This site will continue to evolve with the growing interests of our youth. sfgokids.com is healthy and alive, we are always looking for financial contributions and sponsorships. If you would like to contribute to sfgokids, don’t hesitate to contact... just send off an email.

A final note: while the vast majority of the camps listed on this site provided excellent references, I can’t take responsibility for the quality of all listings. I welcome your feedback. Thank you and go kids! -- MKO’B

Keep children active! Go kids!

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