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312 Highland Ave.
Bernal Heights SF

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The artlabbe is an art program taught in French and in English for 
young artists of age 5 to 10 
No prior French experience is necessary 
Classes will run from 9am to 4pm. Extended care available 
The day will be divided into two art projects 
The two recesses will be taking place at Holly Park 
Material is included and smocks are provided 
Students must bring their lunch box 
$250 a week 
$225 a week for half day (9am to 12am) 
$60 a day for drop-in 
Date AM PM 
June 14-July 18 Painting  Wood Sculpture 
June 21-June 25 Painting  Puppet Making 
June 28-July 2 Jewelry Making  Media Painting 
July 5-July 9 Painting  Wood Sculpture 
July 12- July 16 Print Making  Multi Media Sculp 
July 19-July 23 Jewelry Making  Mixed Media Paint 
July 26- July 30 Painting  Wood Sculpture 
August 2- August 6 Jewelry  Mixed Media Paint 
August 9- August 13 Painting/ Print Multi Media 
August 16 August 20 Painting  Wood Sculpture 
August 23 August 28 Jewelry Making Media 
For more information you can write to: 
Or call Christine Labbe at (415) 648 1824 

Registration available

The artlabbe is taking place in Christine’s studio at 312 Highland Avenue off Holly Park Circle in Bernal Heights. The studio is 800 square ft, window filled space and is fully equipped and it enhances artistic inspiration. 
Christine Labbe studied Fine Arts and she has been working with children for the last 15 years. Born and raised in France, she began her education attending l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts and Rhode Island School of Design before moving to Boston in 1987. She earned a BFA from Massachussetts College of Art and a MFA from California College of Arts. 
She attended various artist residency program and her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group shows. 
Christine Labbe is an experienced instructor of young children in art  in French in English and in Spanish having taught at French American International, at San Francisco Day School for 10 years and in Mexico for 2 years. 
She is presently running her own pre school in her house during the academic 
year.  This will be theArtlabbe 9th summer

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