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Alameda concrete banks and a fun box with a 5 foot bowl. It's on the old Naval Air Station by the officer's club. Be sure to bring a helmet. Thanks, Joe!
Arcata Public Skatepark Arcata, CA. Similar to Santa Rosa, except that the banks outside of the snake run are bigger and kind of form their own snake runs. There is a deep bowl with steel coping and many of the lips are grindable.
Benicia Skatepark Benicia, CA. Small concrete banks, officially an amphitheatre. Free.
Brisbane Skate park... small but fun for the younger crowd. 101 South from SF take Brisbane exit follow into Brisbane, through the first light around to the right of the park. If you can't find it, ask at the store... it is around the corner!
Calistoga Skateboard Park 1305 Washington Calistoga, CA in Napa County 707-942-2838 Street ramps and grind rails. Open to public. Helmets and pads required.
Campbell Skatepark It is on west Campbell Ave. At Campbell Community Center, in downtown Campbell, CA 6 Spine, 5 ft. flybox, a steep pyramid, many rails, a funbox, and the whack wal -of -vert. Pads advised.
Community Park Davis, CA Small park run by city. It's on Covell St.
Crocker Amazon Skate Park ...From downtown San Francisco, go south on mission for about 4 miles. Turn left on Geneva and go for about a half a mile. Crocker Amazon Park will be on your left; you will see a big soccer field. There is a gravel parking lot you can pull in to and the skatepark is at the far end of the parking lot. Cunha Skatepark Half Moon Bay, CA It's free and has a 5-foot mini ramp and a full street course with multiple quarter pipes, rails, fun box and flat ramps. It does require pads. The helmet is the key issue. Tickets have been issued for violators It's off Hwy 1 (you take 92 to hwy 1) and next to the middle school on Kelly St.
Daly City ramps.Right down the block from the Krispy-Kreeme Doughnut/In-Out burger complex, the "blue ramp" as my 3 year old calls it is 24x4' and a lot of fun. There are 3 1/4 pipes and a fun box, street rails and cones to ollie. It's a city park @ 91st & Sullivan on the West side of 280. Wear your helmut or get kicked out by the cops who live across the street! Thanks for the information...
Derby Skatepark Santa Cruz, California Concrete snakerun built in the mid 70s. Roll-out deck added in late 80s. Free.
Greer Park (aka Palo Alto Park) Palo Alto, California Big concrete bowls and banks. Free. From HWY 101, exit at Oregon Expressway. Go west to Bayshore Drive, turn left. Park is on right.
Margate Skatepark They've moved it to 96th Street and Sullivan Avenue -- across from the Daly City civic center (where the old Serra Theater used to be). The skateboard park has a five-foot high halfpipe, a 1-1/2 foot fun box, two quarterpipes (one 5-1/2' and the other 3'), a grinding box that ranges from 1'-2', and a grinding pole. Helmets, knee, and elbow pads are required. It's open from 10 till dusk every day. -- Thanks, Nick
Milbrae Skate park. Located on Milbrae Avenue in the city of Milbrae. Approximately 1/8th mile west of El Camino on Milbrae Avenue. This is a new and very nice skate park. Skate boards and roller blading allowed. It is fenced-in and supervised from morning to approximately 7.00 P.M.There are pyramids, bowl's and grinding ramps. Helmet and pads are a must. $5.00 for the 1st hr, and $ 2.00 for each additional hour. Very safe and secure. Lots of fun.
Milipitas at the Great Mall is now closed...
Modesto Public Skatepark Modesto, CA Located at Beyer Park. Free, no pads, and it's all concrete. Early reports are saying this park is a good one.
Mountain View Public Skatepark Mountain View, CA (2-3 miles east of Palo Alto) It's located in Rengstorff Park on Rengstorff Avenue. It is free. The hours are from sunrise to sunset. It has a pyramid, 6' spine, 6'quarter pipe, 5' fly box with a 1' rail on the side of it, 1 1/2' manual box, and a 10" square rail. Take 101 and get off on Rengstorff Avenue. The park willbe on your right.
You have to wear all your pads (knee, elbow, and I think wrist) and a helmet. It is supervised. They don't rent pads.
Napa Skatepark Napa, California Concrete banks. Free.
Neighborhood Skatepark Lodi, CA
Novato Public Skatepark Novato, CA There's a new permanent 16,ooo square foot Novato skatepark with a 7-foot quarterpipe, 4 curbs that range from 2 to 5 feet tall, a 3 foot tall 2 stair (for grinding only), 3 tall grinding rails 4 deep bowls, (with poles on top)and 4 big launch ramps. Helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads are strictly required. Those who do not wear them will get fined. It's a free public skatepark open every day of the week from 10:00 to sundown. It's for inline skating and skateboarding only.(no bikes) If there is graffiti on anything the skatepark will be closed for two to four days.
Pacifica Skate Park is nice.
Paradise Public Skatepark Paradise. This park has been torn down but there is a park in Chico now.
Petaluma Public Skatepark Petaluma, CA You'll find bowls, bars, and hips, the whole nine. The park has 2 bowls, 2 fun boxes, 2 "volcano's", various rails and a lot of transitions. Free and no pads, just like Santa Rosa used to be. Go up the 101 about 30 min. from SF, take the Washington St. exit and turn left, youíll see the park on your left.
Pleasanton (FGO) Public Skatepark Pleasanton, CA Small, concrete park, free, must wear pads (is not enforced and no one does). The park consists of a concrete street course made with a pyramid, three different sized blocks, a hip, and a four stair. It is off highway 580 at the Hopyard exit. Once you're cruising down Hopyard Road you make a left at Pleasanton Sports Park and you're there. Remember to keep going until you see the park because it is a ways down Hopyard.
San Leandro Public Skatepark San Leandro, CA From SF take the 880 south and exit Davis St. The sign off the 880 should say something about the BART station. Head east on Davis and look for Thrasher Park on your right. If you get to the BART station you've gone too far. The skateboard facility is in that park. It is all concrete and features solid quarter pipes that form a hip in one area and spines into a bowl that is 7/8 completed. The funbox is a waste of concrete. The park is free but supervised. They want you to wear all pads but as long as you have on pants and a long sleeve shirt, you can get away w/ only a helmet. They have lights so skating at night does happen, but only till 8pm. It's pretty darn fun if you're in the area.
San Mateo Skatepark San Mateo, CA Located on 42nd Street. No longer exists...
San Ramon it is cool, has steep transitioned quarter pipes all the way around it's on Hacienda Drive (something like that!) one exit away from the hopyard? Thanks Sean.
Santa Rosa Skatepark Santa Rosa, California This park rules and if you haven't seen pictures of it you are avoiding all skate publications. Snake runs and hips galore. No grindable lips. It's free and open dusk to dawn. Wear your helmet. From hwy. 101 take Guerneville Rd. exit, head west. Make right on Fulton rd. The park is on your left across from a high school.
The Skate Station Sand City (right next door to Monterey, on East St.) Indoor park has an 11.5 vert ramp, trannies to wall, a corner bowl, and a 6' mini with a spine. Its small, but pretty fun. They also have a board shop.
Skater's Paradise Skatepark Paradise, CA From Chico you take the skyway to paradise and keep on going up the skyway past burger king and the park is called skaters paradise. It is free of charge and there is a sign that says "HELMET AND PADS SHOULD BE WORN". no one wears them and no one cares.
Sonora Public Skatepark Sonora, CA Three concrete bowls, a vert wall, and a small pyramid.It's free and open all the time. You are required to wear a helmet but not many people do. It also has a few rails and port-a-potties so you never have to leave!
South Lake Tahoe Public Skatepark South Lake Tahoe, CA in Bijou Park. This park is all under 4 feet tall, all concrete, and free. It is super fun in my opinion. A beautiful and calming atmosphere awaits you.
South County Skate Park in Grover Beach is a full concrete park with some street features on the outer edges. It has a 'kiddy' bowl that is three feet deep w/o coping. It also has two six foot deep bowl with coping around most of the area. There is a volcano off one of the bowls and a prymaid in another area of the park. It's a fun place to skate. Full pads are required and it's a pay to skate park. It's supervised and open Tues.-Friday 2:30-6pm and Sat-Sun 9a.m-6p.m.Closed Monday's when the kids are in school. Take 101 and exit Oak Park Ave. Turn west, toward the ocean and follow Oak Park up the hill. Turn left on Ramona just before Grand Ave. Behind the Burger King.
The Spot Skatepark Pittsburg, CA It is open every other Friday 9-12, and has launch ramps, boxes, rails, banks, and a 3 foot mini that looks like a miniature vert ramp. First time free, next time 3$, It's at a church so expect some preaching time.
Sugar Hill Skatepark 4202 W Sierra Madre Fresno, CA 3722 209-277-9670 Large street course, 3 ft spined mini ramp, 6 ft mini ramp w/ extension. Fun, Indoor, Costs money.
Truckee Skatepark Truckee, CA. Now free, outdoor, and "is now a killer coping-lined concrete cloverleaf bowl with roll-ins. It's by 7-11 on HWy 267 South", thanks for the info Joe and Sean.
Walnut Creek Skatepark In Heather Farms Park (next to the baseball field) This skatepark is like Mountain View Park but is bigger with a Hubba ledge, fly boxes, quarter pipes, and much more including jump ramps and manual boxes and rails and everything has some grindable edge or lip of some sort. You have to pay 5$ to get in. Pads required.
Yuba City Public Skatepark Yuba City, CA (about 45min North of Sacramento on Hwy 99). Yuba City Skatepark is on Gray Ave. Between the Kmart and a school next to the tennis courts in the back of the parking lot. It is on Grey Ave. between Bridge St, and Colusa, both of which connect to 99. WARNING: if the girls look good, they aren't old enough. It has hips, bowls, stairs, bench-high blocks, and a 7' spine. It is behind Kmart in a big public park.

Skate board camps visit Cal Camps or Stonestown YMCA for information. If you know of other skate camps dial in!

Enjoy this listing, if the directions are inaccurate please send me feedback. If the parks no longer exist or if there are new ones please let us know. Be safe!


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