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The 2009 Summer Programs at the Schools of the Sacred Heart is held on the Broadway Campus this year. This co-educational program offers a wide variety of programs to Bay Area Students (entering) grades K-8. Two three-week academic enrichment sessions are offered - as well as drama, technology, sports and art. .

Session dates for K-8 are coming soon... from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (extended care available)
Cost: $495 per three week am or pm session or $990 for all day.
Ages: 5 -13

Stuart Hall High School also offers a variety of academic classes for 9 – 12 grades June 13- July 1.
Space is limited so sign up early. Visit here.

Each three week session provides an exciting array of classes including: academic enrichment and support classes, languages, test preparation, basic skills, science, sports, drama, art, and technology. In the afternoon , day camp and sports for younger students are offered as is drama, robotics, sports and art programs for older students. A Counselor in Training program for students in grades 7 - 8 is also offered.

The student population during the summer consists of current students, students from other Bay Area schools (private, parochial and public)
and students from abroad. The faculty is comprised primarily of our own Sacred Heart educators as well as additional faculty from other public, parochial and private schools in the Bay Area.

What the parents are saying:
"Our kids had a FABULOUS time! They loved all of their classes and teachers and made new friends! We were extremely impressed with the quality and variety of classes both academic and creative."

"The children learn in a relaxed environment during the summer and it keeps their skills up in the fall."

"They enjoyed meeting, working and mixing with a group of children from many different backgrounds. My daughter seems to have gained a great deal of confidence over the last few weeks."

"I love the choices to pick from with age appropriate classes. It was difficult to narrow it down because of the wide variety."

"This camp was more than we expected! Both boys never complained about getting up early in the morning and ran off to their classes. I have to admit that the time spent was well worth it - the classes were inspiring, never boring!"

" This is the first year my three children participated in your program and frankly, we were impressed with the caliber of the classes. They thoroughly enjoyed it which is the best indicator of any summer camp success. Keep up the good work!"

" This program kept my kids academically challenged in a safe, fun and beautiful environment."

" Thanks for making it a fun summer! It's always a thrill for me to see my kids excited about learning new things."
What the students are saying:
"The summer program is very versatile and has a substantial range of classes to choose from. All the teachers are really nice and talk to you outside of class to get to know you better."

"I like how so many people from different schools come here so you get to meet new people. There are all different kinds of kids and some even speak different languages from other countries! I feel like I can learn a lot from them and about them. I've never known my own classmates as well as I've gotten to know complete strangers in three weeks!"

" It was fun, yet I learned alot!"

"The teachers were very nice and organized. It was excellent!"

" I loved the teachers and had fun while learning alot!"

" I met some really nice kids and the teachers are great! I wish school
could be this fun!"

For more information or to be placed on our mailing list, please contact: Summer Coordinator Colleen McGarry at (415) 292-3159 or Ray O'Connor for the High School Program at 415-345-5817 or send an email: Or check out our website (click on summer).

Keep our children active!

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