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Yo! Basecamp Rock Climbing Camp Rock climbing adventures for ages 12 to adult.
Director and contact: Lisa Coleman and Andy Puhvel (831) 673-5918.
Send an e-mail. climb@yobasecamp.com.

Summer 2005 Camps will be posted when available...do it now!:
Beginning Rock Camp  
Are you new to outdoor rock climbing? If so, you're in for the experience of a lifetime. Even though you're a little green, at our camp you climb what climbers of all levels dream of: 150-foot-long routes on the best granite on the planet. In this sport it's important to learn extremely sound and safe habits. We focus on building a strong foundation of skills, on which your judgment in the future will be based. We pride ourselves on our excellent instruction, teaching you why something is done the way it is and how to do it simply and correctly, from knot-tying to rappelling to placing protection. After attending this camp, you'll go home feeling like a real outdoor rock climber, with sore muscles and a lot of stories to share.

Skills You Go Home With Activities You Do
o Comprehensive belay school
o Rock site awareness and safety
o Granite Climbing 101 (movement and technique)
o Bouldering 101 (movement and spotting)
o Basic equipment care, usage, terminology
o Criteria for/practice with solid gear placement
o Introduction to leading a crack (on top-rope) o Amazing top-roped climbing
o Radical bouldering
o Engaging mock lead climbing
o Captivating speed climbing event
o Hair-raising rappelling
o Fun reservoir excursion and more

Length: 7 days
Dates: June 14 - 20; July 8 - 14
Cost: $1050
Age: 11-18
Intermediate Rock Camp  
OK, so you've caught the outdoor climbing bug and you've been climbing enough to know that you want to take the sport more seriously. Are you ready to rock and roll with us? This camp takes your climbing to another level, immersing you in the technical nuts and bolts of building your own anchors and introducing you to the exciting world of multi-pitch climbing. As usual on a Yo! Basecamp course, you get to climb and boulder a ton! Come and make friends who share the same love for climbing that you do.

Skills You Go Home With Activities You Do
o Belay standards review
o Rock site awareness and safety
o Granite Climbing 201 (more movement and technique)
o Bouldering 201 (more movement and spotting)
o Criteria for/practice with solid gear placement (review & more)
o Criteria for/practice with building a solid top-rope anchor o Exciting multi-pitch climbing
o Amazing top-roped climbing
o Radical bouldering
o Intensive anchor building
o Fun reservoir excursion and more

Length: 7 days
Dates: June 26 -July 2; August 4 -10
Cost: $1095
Age: 11-18
Advanced Rock Camp (a.k.a. The Ultimate Road Trip with Chris Sharma)  
The eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is home to more diverse climbing and bouldering than anywhere in the world. The wall of granite that makes up the 14,000-foot peaks of the High Sierra drops abruptly into the vast expanse of the Owens River Valley, an area that Ansel Adams called the "most dramatic stretch of scenery in the United States." There is more climbing here than any climber could dream of doing in a lifetime. On this course, we give you a sampling of it all: classic pocketed volcanic bouldering, pumpy desert sport climbing, high plains granite bouldering, classic granite crack climbing, and 12,000-foot Sierran peak-bagging. In between climbing days our small group chills out by remote lakes and hidden hot springs and catches pizza and a movie in the nearby small towns of Bishop and Mammoth, Calif. (Please note: This course is limited to ten people who have solid outdoor experience: proficient 5.10 outdoor climbing ability, a high level of fitness [able to hike up to 10 miles in a day with a day pack], and a high level of motivation to climb outdoors many days in a row.)

Skills You Go Home With Activities You Do
o Belay standards review
o Rock site awareness and safety
o Granite Climbing 301 (more movement and technique)
o Bouldering 301 (more movement and spotting)
o Peak-bagging experience
o Solid gear placement review and leading criteria
o Solid anchor building experience
  o Mind-blowing high altitude peak ascent
o World-class bouldering
o Killer sport climbing
o Amazing crack climbing
o Classic lead climbing
o Alpine lake and hot spring excursions and more
Length: 10 days
Dates: July 20 - 29
Cost: $1750
Age: 12-18
Castle Rock Bouldering Camp  
Castle Rock State Park, the biggest and best bouldering area on the Central Coast, is a whimsical, tree-covered hillside at the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The smooth gray sandstone is friendly on the fingertips and a pleasure to hold onto. Known for their great "slopers," the Castle Rock boulders have a hodgepodge of holds, including pinches, edges, buckets, huecos (holes) and all sorts of funky water-shaped features. We camp amongst the giants at nearby Big Basin State Park, home to some of the largest redwood trees in the world. Our rest day takes us to the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz, Calif. If it's not beach weather, then the historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement park provides all the excitement we need. (Please note: At Castle Rock there are problems at all levels; however, we limit participation to climbers with enough bouldering experience to be motivated enough to boulder for many hours a day, several days in a row.)

Skills You Go Home With Activities You Do
o Spotting attentiveness
o Bouldering awareness (e.g., how to land properly, etc.)
o Technique breakdown (e.g., hand, foot and body positioning)
o Suggestions for preventing injuries and promoting climbing longevity
  o Multiple days of world-class bouldering
o Fun Santa Cruz beach excursion and more
Length: 4 days
Dates: July 16-19*; August 23-26
Cost: $495; *$695 (Sharma Camp)
Age: 11-18
Chris Sharma Camps  
Imagine shooting hoops with Jordan or wrestling with Hulk Hogan. On our Chris Sharma Camps, you get a chance to dig deep with the best. Chris, a bouldering visionary, shares some of his Jedi mind tricks to help you tap into the Force. "America's greatest rock climber" (Outside), and author of "the world's hardest sport climb" (Rock and Ice), Chris is inarguably a master of his trade. Come to this camp and discover the other side of this extremely talented individual: the humble, noncompetitive spirit who loves to connect with nature and share this love with others. Not only do you gain the skills that are part of every Yo! Basecamp adventure, but you also see that pushing yourself, as Chris does, can be a joyous, positive experience. Chris joins us for two camps this summer: a Castle Rock Bouldering Camp and an Advanced Rock Camp. Please read their descriptions above.

Length: 4 days
Dates: August 16-19
Cost: $695 (with Chris Sharma)
Age: 11-18

Group and Private Guiding  
Maybe you're planning a birthday for a friend or relative or a field trip for your students. Or maybe you want to practice setting anchors with the help of an expert or have an outdoor climbing gym set up for you and your friends. If you are based in the S.F. Bay Area, let Yo! Basecamp take you rock climbing at the Pinnacles National Monument (one hour south of San Jose) or Castle Rock State Park (30 minutes from Los Gatos or Saratoga). Adventures can be one to two days long and can be designed to meet your objectives. (Prior to the trip we discuss what skills you want to cover and what issues you might want to address.) Yo! Basecamp has guided many individuals and has led numerous trips for the Santa Clara High Adventure Girl Scouts, the Monterey Bay Girl Scouts, and Santa Cruz area schools (such as Mission Hill Junior High School, the Star Program and the New School). No climbing experience is necessary. All abilities can be accommodated.

Length: One to two days
Dates: Anytime except during summer (June through September)
Cost: Varies, depending on group size; please call or e-mail for our Group and Private Guiding Package
Age: 11-18

Visit Yo! Basecamp. For more information call (831) 673-5918 or send an e-mail climb@yobasecamp.com. Get started by printing this form and mailing it in to save your spot!

Call for a free video 831.673.5918.

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